Greater Toronto Area’s best choice for


What your potential customers need from you more than anything else.


Greater Toronto Area’s best choice for


What your potential customers need from you more than anything else.


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Building your brand with:

  • Big studio productions without big studio costs. A production package for any budget without compromising on production value.
  • Basic videography to full scale productions. Whatever you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Filmmakers and crew with the best industry training and experience (here).

  • Productions for small/medium business, start-ups and companies that need to build awareness fast.


Avid will provide videographers for companies who just need the footage. We capture footage in 4K Ultra HD so your editors have maximum flexibility in post production video compositing.

Corporate Video

From CEO quarterly report presentations to new company profiles and special events, Avid will help businesses produce online videos and achieve their communications objectives, from conversions of visitors into customers to fundraising and brand loyalty.

Product Advertising & Demos

Avid is equipped to script, shoot and edit your next product demo or commercial. With twenty years of marketing communications experience, we know how to develop the proper communications strategy and execute on your brand promise.

Video Editing

While included in our full video production service, we will also help you create new stories out of existing footage that you supply. Quick turn-around and professional results, with custom soundtracks, graphics, professional voice-overs.

Animation & Graphics

Tell your story in a fun and different way. Using state of the art effects generating software like Motion 5 and After Effects, Avid creates original stories or enhances your original video footage with relevant and complementary effects to reinforce the message and keep viewers engaged throughout your video.

Talent Recruiting

In some cases, you may simply need an actor to fulfill a professional role for you and project an image or persona that you believe achieves your communications objectives better than internal personnel can.

Live Events

We set up as many cameras as required to capture every moment and every angle of your live event. We deliver the footage as is or edit a complete package for distribution with titles, original music, commentary and professional sound. Or we can set it up as a live broadcast for Facebook or Youtube Live.

Professional Voice Talent

Narration is an integral element of many professional videos. Sometimes, the voice be the determining factor in whether your video archives its communications objectives. We will provide coaching for your own voice over or recruits a professional for you.

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Answers to the Most Common Questions

We have options to deliver a professional video for almost any budget, proving that it can be a fraction of the cost of almost any other marketing activity. We provide service from basic videography at a low hourly rate to full scale productions.

Do you need to use a $30,000 camera to capture good corporate video?

Watch this video to see why we can charge less than big studios when we approach the use of high end DSLR cameras with the same professionalism as studios using Red Epic Dragon cameras at $30,000+!

We will employ the latest technology and gear to capture the best possible images, interviews and b-roll to produce an engaging video.

Having managed production budgets for 18 years, we guarantee that we can produce equal or better quality – and provide better service – than if you hired an agency or large studio with substantial overhead costs. We do all the same work, use the same tools like 4K video cameras, professional editing software (Final Cut and Premiere), powerful Mac computers, etc. We will also help you in your Internet marketing efforts to get your video distributed to the right channels.

With Avid, you also get the added benefit of a company with extensive marketing experience working for Tier 1 brands. I.e., a comprehensive understanding of how video integrates into a broader marketing strategy.

We guarantee that your video will be ready within 5 business days after the shooting is finished and/or after we receive your final change request. In most cases, you decide when you’re available to start the consultation and production. We will commit to a date after the process starts.
Yes, we have a network of actors and voices that are for hire, for varying rates depending on what you need.
As a video producer, we know that staying up to date with technology is important mainly for many practical reasons. Much of the video we shoot has to last a long time for our clients (even though our rates to renew footage for existing clients are best in class). With display hardware rapidly advancing, 4K will be to current HD as HD was to Standard Def in the early-to-mid 2000’s.

But for practical reasons, shooting in 4K enables us to have many additional editing possibilities, whereby we can basically recreate shots with the ability to zoom in to about 250% – 400% without losing any visible picture quality on today’s display devices. That saves us time on site shooting and reduces editing time.

There are several factors that help determine the proper length of your video.

The 30 second commercial promotion has a very specific formula to grab the attention of a visitor to your website and engage them enough to read more. This is best for launching an offer or new product with a singular, focused value proposition.

The 60 second spot will be required to have enough compelling content to keep viewers beyond 30 seconds, which is a significant drop-off point. If you have ‘enough’ content to add value to the message, thereby increasing chances of conversion, 60 seconds is a safe video length to keep viewers on your site.

Product demonstration videos that are used as sales aids can arguably run much longer because you are providing very specific information that the viewers want to see. Combined with proper SEO, this can be the most powerful way to use video to increase sales.

Sales training videos would run the proper length to ensure maximum content recall and best integration with other learning aids.

Documentaries will need to be gauged for the amount of compelling, educational content.

Corporate videos will often be mandated to be watched their full length by all viewers. But keeping it short, or breaking up longer videos into shorter segments, ensures best information recall and engagement.

Finally, where you plan to distribute the video matters. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter may not lend themselves to consuming longer videos. Few people on social media will immerse themselves in a long video unless, of course, the video has already gone viral or it comes highly recommended from your network contacts. Perhaps you are better advised to produce teaser videos for social networks that link back to your main site. This is a very simple, available service that we provide my clients if required.

The objective of the video is determined during the initial consultation process and is the guiding factor in determining video elements and cost. The following considerations usually vary depending on the objective.

– Type of video
– Length of video
– Number of, type of, and distance between locations
– Talent required
– Stock video, animation, music and other audio requirements
– Complexity of the shoot and equipment required
– Time to complete (also dependant on preparedness of actors/ clients appearing in video)

Printing companies and agencies will readily tell you that direct mail, postcards, and unaddressed ad mail work very well. In our opinion (and we’ve tested this hundreds of times), unless you are printing a coupon and unless you are sending a “unique” piece to a mailbox that happens to find a reader who is interested in EXACTLY what the printed piece is saying, video is a better choice.

Ultimately, video production can be less expensive and deliver significantly better results, especially when you integrate video into well defined digital / inbound marketing program.

Plus, a video:
– Energizes your staff and focuses everyone on your key value proposition (for sales and customer service) or key messages (in online learning).

– Conveys your brand much more clearly than any other marketing vehicle. A commonly referenced research article by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research cites one minute of video being worth 1.8 millions words. Avid believes that this could be true when you inject the right mix of dialogue, shot and video quality, and content into your video. Just as importantly, video can say many words you don’t want to say if left to inferior technology and inferior video planning and execution.

– Builds trust in your brand, placing your business ahead of your competition who are still using traditional marketing communications methods.

If you missed them, see the Video Market Facts .

We can set up hostig within video hosting services for a variable monthly fee depending on bandwidth used (total play streams used), analytics required and sharing options required. But these services are priced for medium to large businesses with marketing people who spend hours and days every month pouring over the the stats from many different hosted videos.

We also provide you with .mov, .mp4, .svg and .webm files for hosting on your own server for all browsers. This may makes sense if your video is for purely instructional or private viewing and not intended as a promotional video requiring specific social sharing and SEO treatment.

We can also set you up with a Youtube account if required and post your video with all the desired settings for public or limited viewing, SEO descriptions, custom thumbnails images, and player control options. We also pay special attention to the annotation services provided for free by Youtube that help viewers engage better with your other online marketing activities.

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